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Go: Sara Klepacki + The Net

Dru Mcilhenny

Hiii y'all! I'm Sara, a Chicago turned Texas college student with a strong green tea addiction and the desire to capture the beauty of life one video at a time. Currently, I am a junior at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas and I am double majoring in Film-Television-Digital Media and Communication.


This summer, BIG prayers were answered when I found out I got my "dream internship" with The NET. These past couple of months, its been an absolute joy & privilege getting to know, love & serve the city I now call home.

The NET is a non-profit in Fort Worth that exists to restore dignity to those in poverty by equipping them with life skills through community and relationships. Our goal is to see the people we serve walk in freedom and joy as whole individuals. 



Specifically, The NET serves 3 areas --

we serve the chronically homeless, 

low income/refugee neighborhoods

and women who've been exploited by the sex industry. 



As the Social Media/Storytelling NET Intern, I run our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In addition to my Social Media role, the NET has been kind enough ot let me experiment with filming and digitally storytelling the NET's happenings. So many people in out NET family have incredible stories to tell. My greatest desire and deepest prayer is that I'll be able to share these individuals' stories through social media and film. 

In order to make this possible, I will need some support from friends and family, like y'all. The financial goal that has been set for me to achieve is $2,400. This number has been set so that I may have a salary. With your help I will be able to give my full time commitment to this position and not have to find a second part-time job to pay my bills. 


Will you join me in restoring and empowering the city that I love?

Partner with me as I partner with Go Rings. 

Just purchase a lovely ring.

Yep, that's it. 

It's that simple. 

Oh, and fashionable too. 

Let's GO. 


-Sara Klepacki

Go: Mexico

Dru Mcilhenny

I had one of those moments.

One of those moments when you're like: everything is working together. Not just for my good, but His glory. Jaw dropped, eyes semi-watering, crazy thankful.

Go Rings went to Piedras Negras, Mexico this weekend. Country 16 with a Go Ring on my finger? Check. I was supposed to be on a road trip through OKC and Arkansas, but He had a slightly different plan. I'm way glad He did.

The ladies of Iglesia Aleluya with their perfect handmade rings.

The ladies of Iglesia Aleluya with their perfect handmade rings.

Go Rings has been overwhelmed lately. Happily overwhelmed, but overwhelmed nonetheless. One of the glorious problems with a small business is the balance of supply and demand. Demand has always outweighed our supply, but it hadn't been consuming until recently. It became obvious that Dru and I couldn't be the only ones making rings anymore.

God straight-up provided. Through a San Antonio connection, we got hooked up with Aleluya Church in Piedras Negras, Mexico. On Wednesday we got confirmation that their women would like to learn how to make Go Rings; 48 hours later I was headed south toward the border. The Aleluya women love the idea that their hands can physically further the Gospel and we do, too.

Nora, Marina, Guadalupe, Rosario, Claudia and Mary. These women's fingers are the ones that will be crafting the next 550 classic Go Rings. The sweetest part of this partnership is that most of their wages are donated to Casa de Misercordia, the local orphanage that Aleluya Church supports.

Speaking Spanish, I got to train our ladies on how to wrap, snip and knot Go Rings into place. It's not easy to catch on, but ring by ring these mamasitas got it on lock. The look on their faces once they mastered the trade was warm, proud and full. I won't soon forget that. These women are patient, talented, dedicated and hilarious. Hearing their prayers and jokes made me really glad I speak their language. I have big trust in their ability to bring Go Rings to a new level.

After each woman mastered the “anillo perfecto” or “perfect ring,” we headed over to the orphanage that will benefit from their wages. We had a birthday party for two of the chiquitos, Juan Antonio and Estrella Esmerelda. We pizza-ed, piñata-ed, partied and kinda fell in love with the 20some youngesters. Having this time with them made me deep proud of our newest employees. They are loving these kids joyfully, even through ring-induced finger calluses.

That look on Claudia's face -- she's getting the hang of it. 

That look on Claudia's face -- she's getting the hang of it. 

This weekend we realized a dream I didn't even know I had. I know that sounds cheesy or like it should go on a Christian bookstore mug, but it's true. I didn't know that I had a dream of empowering others and making Go Rings about more than sending people out to spread the Gospel.

Dru and I have high hopes and big prayers for this partnership. Whether it's a temporary solution to a good problem or the foundation of a new aspect to our business, we're happy to see what Jesus has in store for these golden-hearted Mexican women.


Guys, this is gonna be good.


Go + God bless,